How It Works

Why waste your Time and Internet Data on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the likes without getting paid for it??

GiftalForum  is an Online media platform with an affiliate system that pays you to Read News and to refer your friends to read our News everyday!

GiftalForum  is a noble idea created to fight poverty by converting your time, data and activities online to a meaningful venture.

We believe that since it costs money to be online (data,time,energy and phone/laptop), you should also be making Money while online!

From 6th December 2019 to 15th January 2020, GiftalForum  has paid out over 7Million Naira to thousands of members across Africa and we are still growing!

When you become an affiliate member, you can earn above N200,000 every month.

GiftalForum  nation is owned by Stephen Ogar ,It is  a registered ICT firm in Nigeria with Registation Number – BN2558110.

Our Platform is legal and legit with a physical office address at Suits 13 Shopping complex Wusa zone 3 Abuja, Nigeria.

We simply built a platfrom where you can turn your time and activities online to a money making venture!

Who can Become a Member of GiftalForum  ?:

Anyone who wants to make money online can become a member, we accept membership from anywhere in the world!

Our platform helps you earn cool money from your presence and activities online.

How to Register on GiftalForum ?

  • Click Here to access the registration page.
  • Click on Register to Proceed, below is the complete step

  • After you click on Pay for Giftal Forum

  • please fill in your details correctly. Your desired Username and Password. When you are done filling your details, then click on Place Order. Make sure you have up to ₦2,500 in your bank account. or a Coupon code to complete the registration

  • Thank you for order, please click the Pay now  button below to make payment.

That is  all you need to do to complete your registration on Giftalforum


  1. Once you Sign up, you receive bonus of ₦2500 Which is a 100% welcome bonus
  2. Reading News earn you ₦10
  3. Commenting on News ₦10
  4. Sharing any news on the site, you earn ₦20
  5. Daily Login bonus is ₦100
  6. You Earn  ₦100  for Sharing  our Daily sponsored post
  7. You Earn ₦100 for sharing our Daily Campaign Advert.
  8. And Earn ₦1,600  for Referral Bonus.
  9. You Earn ₦500 Airtime for Alert Testimonies with the Best caption
We pay activities earnings every 25th of the month. Join us and let’s smile to the bank together


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Coupon is a secret code worth ₦2,500 which serves as an alternative to direct transfer and card payment to make registration. You purchase Coupons from the following approved and registered merchants of Coupon at the rate of ₦2,500 and you will applied the code during registration.

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